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Which accvein vein finder is the best? 

Written by Olivia Smith on September 20, 2022
Accuvein vein finder is the world's first handheld, non-contact vein viewing system. It can projects a map of veins directly onto the skin for intravenous injections, blood draws and injectables.

AccuVein offers three different models of vein finders, including the Av300, Av400, and Av500. To identify the ideal product for your requirements, take into account factors like user-friendliness, portability, image quality, battery performance, and customer feedback. Read on to help you compare the specs and feedback of different AccuVein models to find the one that meets your specific needs.

What models does Accuvein have?

Which accvein vein finder is the best? 

  1. AccuVein AV500: The AV500 is a handheld vein finder that uses near-infrared (NIR) technology to locate veins. It can projects a clear vein map directly onto the skin, revealing detailed information about underlying superficial veins, bifurcations, and intraluminal valves that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. 

    AV500 is also the most advanced vein finder among the current Accuvein vein finders, it can be applied to Cosmetic, IV Starts, and Blood Draw and other occasions
  2. AccuVein AV400: The AV400 is another handheld vein finder that utilizes NIR technology to visualize veins. It features a lightweight and portable design, making it convenient for healthcare professionals to use in various clinical settings.

    With its portable design and user-friendly interface, the AV400 empowers healthcare professionals to enhance their accuracy and efficiency during vein access procedures.
  3. AccuVein AV300: The AccuVein AV300 is a lightweight vein finder, weighing just 10 ounces, making it highly portable and easy to handle. With its compact design, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, allowing for convenient use in various healthcare settings. The AV300 features "Point and Click" technology, simplifying the vein visualization process.

1. Accuvein AV500

Price: Vein Finder Accuvein AV500 Transilluminator is around $5,000

AccuVein has released a brand-new model, the AV500, which features cutting-edge technology for observing veins. Veins are shown in a vivid green projection on the AV500, which may be adjusted in three ways (brightness, contrast, and inversion). Veins can be seen in the green vein projection either as black lines against a white background or as white lines against a dark one (inverse mode).

AV500 Benefits

• EASY TO USE IN A UNIQUE WAY: It works at a distance of four inches or more from the skin's surface and doesn't need to be calibrated, adjusted, or taken care of.

• TRUE HANDHELD. The AccuVein is small and light enough to hold in one hand.
In the unit, the battery is charged. You don't have to take out the battery or plug it into a power source during use. Charge in the cradle or stand and run for hours without plugging in.

• TOLERANT OF MOVEMENT: Displays veins in real-time so that the device can move with the patient.

• ACCURATE: Permanently aligned, so no calibration testing is needed. Centerline accuracy is better than a hair's width.

• WORKS ON ALL PATIENTS: Works on a wide range of patients, including newborns, people with dark skin, and people who are overweight.

• MEDICAL GRADE DESIGN: Non-contact and made for medical use. There are no holes or vents, so the device can be wiped clean without any special tools.

• PROTECTIVE COVER: Adds a layer of protection without getting in the way of seeing the veins clearly. Use it with every patient to help you clean them better, or use it in isolation settings as a standard of care barrier.

Accuvein studies have shown a remarkable 39% reduction in pain when using the AV500 for procedures such as venipuncture and IV insertions. Moreover, it boasts an impressive 3.5 times improvement in first stick success rate, minimizing the need for multiple attempts and reducing patient discomfort. The AV500 also contributes to substantial financial savings, with an estimated annual savings of $352,498 reported.

The AV500 is truly an advanced and indispensable tool that improves patient experience, enhances procedural efficiency, and delivers significant cost savings in healthcare facilities.

2. Accuvein AV400

Price: Vein Finder Accuvein AV400 w/ Charger is around $2,999.

Physicians can check vein patency and steer clear of valves and bifurcations with the help of the AccuVein AV400 Infrared vein finder, which projects a real-time digital map of the vasculature onto the skin's surface.

Portable and light at 9.7 ounces (275g), We can also use it hands-free with the addition of wheeled or stationary platforms. The HF470 wheeled stand is the most recent addition to AccuVein's line of hands-free accessories, and it is perfect for use in any medical scenario where vein illumination must be transported to the patient.

With the AccuVein AV400, you can locate superficial veins for venepuncture and cannulation, even in patients with poor venous access. The system detects superficial veins using infrared laser light and projects a live image of the veins back onto the skin.

accuvein av400
AV400 Benefits

• User-friendly: There's no need to calibrate or adjust it; it's ready to use immediately. The device can be held in any direction and from 4 to 18 inches away from the skin.

• The AV400 is small and light enough to hold in one hand. It weighs less than 10 ounces.

• Movement tolerant. Because the AV400 shows the veins in real-time, it can move with the patient if it is used correctly.

• Viewing modes: The AV400 has a standard viewing mode and an inverse mode that makes it easier to see small veins.

• Accuracy: Centerline is accurate to less than the width of a human hair. Permanently aligned.

• Types of Patients: AccuVein's vein illumination works on a wide range of patients, including newborns, people with dark skin, and overweight people.

• Medical-grade design: The AV400 doesn't need to be touched, and since it has no vents or other openings, it can just be wiped clean. The device can also be put in a bag and used in isolation or operating rooms.

3. Accuvein AV300

Accuvein Av300
Price: Vein finder Accuvein AV300 retails at around $2,300

Accuvein® Av300 is a small, handheld tool that helps qualified medical professionals find particular veins in the body's periphery. The Av300 is only meant to be used by qualified medical staff as a supplement to their training. This device should not be used as the only way to find veins, and it is not a replacement for good medical judgment and finding and evaluating veins by sight and touch.

When used correctly, the Av300 finds the vein accurately and can be used to find peripheral veins for medical procedures like venipuncture. The Av300 can be used whenever it makes sense to find a peripheral vein.

The AccuVein AV300 helps doctors find veins for blood draws, IV infusions, and blood donations by shining a pattern of light on a patient's skin that shows where the veins are. This 10-ounce handheld device has a number of hands-free options that make it easy for the practitioner to get their hands free to do the venipuncture quickly.

Accuvein Av300

AV 300 Benefits

• It is completely hands-free and surprisingly illuminates veins even in people with very dark skin and obesity. The vein runway and needle penetration are visible.

• This lightweight (10 oz.) device scans up to 8 mm below the skin's surface and works by detecting and highlighting hemoglobin.

• The AV300 is not intended to come into direct contact with the patient and may not need to be disinfected between each usage.

• It has been successfully tested on infants with collapsed veins and even works without removing the isolated cap.

4. AccuVein Alternative Vein Finder

AccuVein AlternativeAccuVein Alternative vein finder

5. Lite 2.0 Vein Finder

Price:  Lite 2.0 Vein Finder is around $1,980.

The Lite 2.0 vein finder is a cost-effective solution that offers comparable vein image quality to the AccuVein system. While providing the same level of accuracy and performance, the Lite 2.0 vein finder comes at a more affordable price point. This makes it a budget-friendly option for healthcare facilities and professionals looking to enhance their vein visualization capabilities without compromising on quality.

portable infrared vein finder

[Lite 2.0 Advantage]

Fast scans just one sec - High-speed NIR tech, ensures fast scanning without lag and image distortion. Get accurate vein maps even in dynamic environments.

Permanently aligned & No calibration - It's easy to operate even for the first use.

Six colors - adjustable 6 colors, suitable for people with different skin tones.

vein finder light torch

6. Vein Finder Stand

Price: Vein finder with stand is around $2,198.
A desktop stand for a vein finder is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it provides stability and eliminates the risk of unnecessary movement or shaking while using the device. This stability is crucial when performing delicate procedures that require precise positioning.

Secondly, a desktop stand allows for hands-free operation, enabling healthcare professionals to multitask and perform other necessary tasks without compromising the visibility of the vein finder screen. This is particularly helpful when accessing patient records, preparing equipment, or assisting the patient during the procedure.

Vein finder stand offers stability, hands-free operation, ergonomic benefits, consistent positioning, and improved organization, thereby enhancing workflow, accuracy, and overall user experience for healthcare professionals.

7. Vein Finder Trolley

Price:  The vein finder with trolley is around $2,899.

vein finder machine
A trolley cart for a vein finder offers several advantages and practicalities for healthcare professionals. Here are a few reasons why healthcare workers need carts:

1. Mobility: A trolley cart provides mobility and portability for the vein finder, allowing healthcare professionals to easily move the device between different patient rooms or medical settings. This is particularly useful in busy healthcare environments where the vein finder may be needed in multiple locations throughout the day.

2. Stability and Height Adjustment: A trolley cart often comes with wheels that can be locked, ensuring stability during use. It also allows for height adjustment, enabling healthcare professionals to position the vein finder at an optimal level for comfortable viewing and operation.

3. Flexibility and Versatility: It allows healthcare professionals to efficiently navigate different clinical settings while keeping essential supplies and accessories within reach, ultimately contributing to improved workflow and patient care.


If you are searching for Accuvein vein finder, we hope you will keep these factors in mind as you hunt for the best gadget for your needs. 

An infrared vein finder is a pretty modern medical device that uses near-infrared light to assist in the detection of veins beneath the skin. This technology is becoming more common in hospitals and clinics since it allows for the quick and easy identification of veins, making it suitable for both medical personnel and patients. From its increasing popularity, we may expect to see even more imaginative uses for this technology over time.
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