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Veinlite Coupon and Reviews

Written by Olivia Smith on May 7, 2024


Veinlite®s make a ring of bright light that is focused down and in the middle of the ring. When a Veinlite® is put on the skin, the light goes around the ring to light up the top layers of skin. Blood that has lost oxygen in its veins absorbs light, making veins look like dark lines in an area lit up. When you put gentle pressure on the Veinlite®, the skin stretches, and the vein gets bigger, making it easier to put the needle through the hole in the ring.

Nizar Mullani came up with the idea for Veinlite® when trying to help doctors find skin cancer. He mostly saw what was under the skin and veins, so he made the Veinlite. After much trial and error, he devised the perfect design to increase transillumination through the tissue and let the de-oxygenated blood shine through.

When Mr Mullani talked about Veinlite at the American College of Phlebology, this was a big step forward in getting people to use it. The abstract presentation won the second-best scientific award, and ten per cent of the people who went to the meeting bought a Veinlite® there.

At Boston Children's Hospital, a randomized clinical trial was done to find veins in patients in the emergency room. This trial took about three years, and Katsugoris released the final report in February 2008. The report showed that using Veinlite® increased the success rate of finding veins in children with hard-to-find veins from 74% to 83% after two attempts. This was the first and only randomized clinical trial to show that transillumination can be used to get to veins in general.

In recent years many doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, anesthesiologists, dentists, and paramedics have used Veinlite® to help with intravenous access. This makes it easier for them and their patients to get a good IV line with just one stick.


Veinlite has so many models available that you can choose one according to your need and budget. The veinlite led+ costs $549. Veinlite EMS PRO, specially designed for emergency use, will cost you $349.00. The veinlite LEDX, which is used in Sclerotherapy, costs $680.00. The idea for research market veinlilte R will cost you $329.00. Veinlite PEDI2, which is designed for children, costs $249.00. Veinlite NEO is made for NICU or newborn nurseries, which will cost you around $299.00.



Veinlite LEDX is the best Sclerotherapy tool for seeing veins and treating spider veins and varicose veins effectively. Veinlite LEDX® is used by sclerotherapy specialists and spider vein treatment centres worldwide.


Finding and getting to a baby's veins and arteries has never been easier. Veinlite Neo is the only product on the market that helps doctors find veins and arteries in newborns. The new shape of Veinlite NEO makes it easy, convenient, and easy to find for helping neonatal and pediatric patients get access to their veins and arteries. Neo is great for the newborn nursery or the NICU. You can change the colour and strength of the light to look at veins, arteries, and other things. Put a lanyard on the cap, so it's always easy to get to. CHOOSE Veinlite NEO® if you work with Neonates aged between 0 to 8 weeks.


Veinlite R® is perfect for the Research market because it makes it easier to get into the veins and arteries of mice and rats. This new and clever device has three lights: an orange light for veins, a green light for arteries, and a white light for looking at things. There are also adapters for small mouse and large rat tails. With Veinlite R®, your lab technicians will be able to make more successful sticks right away.


With Veinlite EMS Pro®, you can get to veins faster with a one-button system with a white exam light built in so you can check on a patient anywhere, at any time. You can count on EMS Pro to help you succeed with just one stick, day or night. The EMS Pro from Veinlite® is the only vein access device that is small, effective, and reliable. The EMS Pro has many improvements over the classic workhorse, the Veinlite EMS®, and is known worldwide as an important part of an EMS kit. The Veinlite EMS Pro® is easy to use because it only has one button. It also has an innovative, built-in white exam light that allows it to check on a patient anywhere, at any time.


The brand-new PEDI2 is the best way to keep kids from getting stuck more than once during venipuncture procedures. It is the best vein access device in the world for pediatric medicine. It is better than the Veinlite PEDI model, which it replaced. It's small and flexible, so it's great for kids of all ages, from babies to teens. The PEDI2 is better in every way than the original PEDI. For example, it has a 3-way brightness control, a 29% larger opening, and longer battery life. You should choose Veinlite PEDI2® if you work with children and adolescents aged between 0 to 17 years.

For vein imaging, the PEDI2 has a large viewing area, a choice of colours, brightness control, and a high contrast. Two triple AAA batteries are used to power the Veinlite PEDI2. They can light up for between 2 and 4 hours straight, depending on how many LEDs are on and how bright the light is, at a price of less than $250. Veinlite PEDI2 has been shown to work in clinical trials and is cheap.


The Veinlite LED+ was designed to support a variety of vein access procedures used in hospitals, clinics, and dental offices. Medical professionals such as phlebotomists, dentists, nuclear medicine technicians, home health aides, infusion therapists, and many more find this venous access fast, easy, and accurate.

It has the best contrast and largest viewing area for vein imaging. Veinlite LED+, for less than $550, is a considerably more practical and cost-effective option than competing infrared devices costing several thousand dollars. If you WORK WITH PATIENTS OF ALL AGES AND WORK IN DENTAL PRACTICE, CHOOSE Veinlite LED+®, the newest and most versatile vein access tool, suitable for use on adults and children. Also an invaluable tool for dentists performing IV access and PRF procedures.

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