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Top 5 Vein Finder In Australia 

Written by Olivia Smith on April 9, 2022
There are several different vein finders available to purchase. However, these vein finder Australia has to offer are some of the best of their kind. They offer the best quality images without being challenging to work with. Not only are the images clear, but some can also detect deeper veins without using radiation.

Read ahead to discover some of the best vein finders and what makes them highly unique and different. This article offers a guideline if you are considering purchasing one.
There are several companies all across the world that can deliver vein finders in Australia. But not all of them are safe and FDA-approved. These companies are highly reputed and relied on by doctors and hospitals all over the country. Some of the leading companies that deliver vein finders in Australia are as mentioned below.

1. Accuvein Vein Finder

AccuVein is a handheld vein visualization device used to aid medical service providers in finding a patient's veins with greater speed and accuracy.

Accuvein ensures using its products to help accurately and precisely hit the vein on the first attempt. The likelihood of being able to puncture right through the vein perfectly on the first try is increased by 3.5 times using their products.

The accuracy of their products is ensured regardless of the patient's age, sex, skin tone, and BMI. Despite all these variables, Accuvein stood out with the maximum accuracy in vein detection and clear images.
Pediatric patients are very easily spooked, which makes it difficult for doctors to work with them using such devices. The vein visualization technology provided by Accuvein vein finders is proven to reduce pain tolerated by pediatric patients by almost 59%. This minimizes having to cause unnecessary punctures and trauma to the skin surface significantly.

Although there are significant benefits of using Accuvein vein finders, some patients have also complained about the price. Vein finders such as Accuvein AV300 cost almost $4500 after being discounted from group purchases.

The only issue with Accuvein is the price. Regardless of how precise, effective, and efficient Accuvein is, the price has been debated for a long time. With such high costs, patients have also complained about it not being worth it for the price point as well.

Accuvein uses a proprietary vein visualization technology. This means an infrared light shines onto the patient's skin, making the blood being carried appear red, indicating veins.

However, Accuvein cannot show arteries as they are deeper inside the bones. Apart from arteries, the images provided by Accuvein are undeniably clear and accurate. This is what makes them so reliable and trusted by doctors throughout Australia.

2. Hellovein Vein Finder

Hellovein is one of the leading brands to deliver vein finders in Australia. They ensure quality and safety for all the vein finders that they offer. 

Safety and quality are of top priority for them. Hence, each vein finder they offer is checked thoroughly and approved by FDA before being shipped to hospitals.

Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder utilizes a combination of red and green lights to illuminate the skin, optimizing vein visibility and contrasting them against surrounding tissue. 
how to find a vein for iv
And the vein finders that Hellovein offers have an LED light that indicates charging status, so you don't run out of battery mid-use. It also comes with vein finder brackets & mobile trolley to allow hands-free situations for medical staff for better accessibility.

Hellovein offers a wide array of adjustment levels on their vein finders. They offer three different sizes of vein finders to make it easier for nurses and doctors to work with. These vein finders can be used on infants, children, adults, and obese people.

Compact and portable, this vein finder is ideal for use in diverse healthcare settings, aiding in procedures such as venipuncture, IV catheter insertion, and blood draw. With the HelloVein Lite 2.0 vein finder, healthcare professionals can enhance patient care and improve procedural efficiency with confidence.
device to help find veins

3. Veinlite Vein Finder

Veinlite works to provide convenience for medical professionals to detect veins easily without going in based on an assumption. Devices from Veinlite are designed to spot veins meticulously and not miss them unless the vein is way too deep underneath the skin.

Their devices are user-friendly and easy to use regardless of your experience with cannulation. Using these devices, it is almost always certain for you to identify the vein at once. Therefore, allowing even occasional veterans and amateurs to use and work with it effectively without mishaps.

Their devices are very lightweight and easy to handle as they don't cause any strain on the hands. Veinlite vein finders will cause no distress to the patient or the doctors even after using them for a very long time.

What makes Veinlite vein finders different from others is that it is a multi-functional tool that makes the job easier for the staff. Veinwave from Veinlite is a device that not only locates the vein but also helps to insert the needle through the vein. It acts as a guideline for the needle and makes it easier to insert.

Several other types of vein finders Veinlite offers are just as good as Veinwave. Some of these devices, including the LED+, LEDX, EMS PRO, PEDI2, NEO, and R, are checked and approved by FDA. These devices are confirmed to be clinically tested and approved for successful access to the vein upon the first puncture.

Singlehandedly, the best feature of Veinlite is that it shows and identifies veins and the surrounding area of it. This makes it easier for the medical staff and professionals to work with as they now know the precise location of the veins.

Not only that, but the vein finders that Veinlite offers also work as a tourniquet that prevents the veins from rolling down, which may require several punctures.

4. Wee Sight Vein Finder

The Wee Sight Transilluminator is a handheld device that is specifically designed for use in neonatal and pediatric care. It uses a bright LED light to create a visual map of a baby's veins, making it easier for healthcare providers to locate veins for venipuncture procedures. The device is safe, non-invasive, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for healthcare providers working with young patients.

One of the key benefits of the Wee Sight Transilluminator is its portability. The compact, handheld design makes it easy to use in a variety of settings, including hospital rooms, neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), and emergency rooms. It can also be used in conjunction with other medical devices, such as IV catheters and arterial lines, to improve overall patient care.

In addition to its practical benefits, the Wee Sight Transilluminator can also help reduce costs associated with venipuncture procedures. By helping healthcare providers locate veins quickly and accurately, the device can help reduce the need for multiple needle sticks, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

5. Lateral Medical's Vivolight Vein Finder

Lateral Medical is an Australian company that relentlessly tries to offer safe and easy-to-use vein finders that can be used for professional uses. They offer several types of vein finders that work in specific ways that may differ.

Their vein finders and other medical supplies work efficiently to ease the loads on medical staff and doctors. Improving care is the primary goal of Lateral Medical. Hence, the innovation of Vivolight Vein Finder is the latest and most updated vein finder among the others.

This one-of-a-kind vein finder guarantees full functionality and efficiency no matter how you use them. Vivolight has a somewhat extended handle, unlike traditional, relatively short, and compact vein finders. This vein finder comes with a rather long handle that conveniently sits on top of the patient's skin.

It has a perfectly smoothed-out dome-shaped cut-out for the patient's hands or other areas to rest on and avoid having to apply pressure. The cut-out portion of the device minimizes the need for any pressure to ensure the patient's comfort isn't disrupted.

Not only are their vein finders the perfect tool for locating veins on the surface, but also for deep veins underneath the surface. Vivolight can quickly scan deeper veins and identify them correctly to ensure no more profound complications.

With the enhanced imaging process from Lateral Medical on Vivolight vein finder, you can rest assured knowing you get an extra 80% of invisible vein detection. Then the processed image is synced back to the device, giving a clearer and more vivid image of the veins underneath the surface.

The best feature about the Vivolight vein finder is that it comes with several different modes, such as -

● Basic mode
● Greenlight mode
● Unique depth detection mode
● Pediatric size.

Each of these vein finders works very differently, using different technologies and preparations. However, regardless of their differences, one thing they all have in common is their accuracy and efficiency. This is why Laterals Medical's Vivolight Vein Finder is highly raved about.


So, what are the leading vein finder Australia has to offer? According to medical experts and professionals, the vein finders mentioned above are the top most reliable ones in Australia.

Their accuracy and clear images help the medical staff quite a bit to avoid mishaps and hassles. This also means the patient does not have to endure unnecessary punctures due to unclear vein detection.

Therefore, you can rely on these vein finders to offer you quality experiences and satisfaction.
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