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Top 13+ Best Vein Finder Device

Written by Olivia Smith on April 20, 2022
A vein finder can make venipuncture and cannulation a breeze, whether you're an EMT in a busy emergency room or a pediatric nurse in a busy hospital. Finding a vein can be difficult at times, which is why having a vein finder is a necessity.

For your convenience, we have included below the best vein finders of the year:

Have a quick look at the best vein finders of 2022

1. Accuvein AV500
2. Lite 2.0 Vein Finder
3. Veinlite EMS PRO
4. Veinlite LEDX
5. AimVein Pro 2.0
6. UMTEC Vein Finder
7. Respironics Wee Sight
8. Yixoo Vein Finder
9. Illumivein Premium Vein Finder
10. CXUKUN Hand-Held Infrared Vein Finder
11. Enmind VV-100 Vein Viewer
12.Hellovein Max 3.0 Vein Finder
13. Nextvein V800NV

1. Accuvein AV500

Accuvein Av500 is a market-leading vein finder. It has a high-quality laser camera projector that ensures sharp projection while remaining small and lightweight.The Accuvein AV500 does not require maintenance to assure continuous camera alignment, as do many vein finders. Furthermore, it employs a low-power laser, allowing it to be used without eye protection.

Another wonderful feature of the Accuvein AV500 is its simple user interface, which allows users to alter the display from dark veins on a bright background to bright veins on a dark background with the touch of a button.


● Real-time vein display with no latency while the patient moves.
● Cradle charging enables it to operate for hours without being plugged in.
● It is suitable for all skin tones and colors, as well as all body types.
● One charge lasts up to two hours.
● The center line accuracy is as thin as human hair.
● It's versatile and can be used as both a handheld and a stand-mounted option.
● It has a small weight of approximately 10 ounces, making it comfortable to hold.

2. Lite 2.0 Vein Finder

vein viewer device
The Lite 2.0 Vein Finder Machine offers High-Definition (HD) Image Quality. Thanks to its innovative Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion (RMIF) technology, the HelloVein vein scanner employs 850nm near-infrared wavelengths to achieve exact infrared vein mapping.

Hellovein provides accurate vein detector light images in a variety of sizes to better accommodate your patients. You may choose the optimum picture size for babies, little children, overweight individuals, and the elderly. For instance, When working with a little child, staff may use a small picture size (2/3 or 1/3). Accurate vein visualization improves the stick procedure since it has been demonstrated to reduce pain by 39%.

light for finding veins

User-friendly screen: 0.96-inch oled display clear information. no special training is needed and the device requires no calibration, making it easy to operate even for the first use.

Six colors: adjustable 6 colors, suitable for people with different skin tones.

Enhanceed mode: clearly highlight veins in red and green, making them easy to spot and ensuring that they’re clearly visible.

Adjustable 3 depth levels: deep / medium / surface.

• Includes optional vein finder stand & trolley.
vein finder device

3. Veinlite EMS PRO

The Veinlite EMS Pro is intended for use in emergency medical services and first responder circumstances. It's ideal for EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and ER professionals who require quick, precise, one-stick vein access. The Veinlite EMS Pro includes a built-in white exam light for working in low-light environments. This variant makes use of 24 LEDs in three different colors, including the white exam light.

It helps emergency responders detect and access veins more precisely in the field, reducing the number of unsuccessful IV attempts - In clinical studies, the first-time success rate with Veinlite was much greater than with the standard of care (93% vs 72%).


● Longer battery life.
● Works on all age patients.
● White Exam Light.
● Works on dark and light skin tones.
● Optimal area of illumination.
● Auto shut-off switch.

4. Veinlite LEDX

The Veinlite LEDX is an effective solution for sclerotherapy practitioners. The same company manufactures the EMS PRO and Veinlite LEDX devices. However, in terms of performance, the Veinlite LEDX Transilluminator is the superior device.

Once again, this equipment is very pricey, and it may occasionally be a high-priced portable vein finder. However, Veinlite's increased power and high-performance benefits should not be disregarded. It is one of the most effective methods of sclerotherapy. A significant opening region provides a good view of venous imaging.

It has an extended battery life, so you will not have to stop working. Aside from that, you may choose a color that assists with contrast imaging. Some users of this item have said that the Veinlite LEDX is not worth purchasing. However, Experience always varies from user to user.

Benefits :

● The most intense focus of any portable Veinlite.
● It is effective on both dark and light skin tones.
● Increased lighting area.
● Significant opening area for a better viewing experience.

5. AimVein Pro 2.0

The AimVein Pro 2.0 vein finder operates as follows: It employs near-infrared light to highlight veins beneath the skin, making it easier for healthcare professionals to locate veins and puncture them accurately.

This vein finder is very useful in emergency cases where time is of the essence, as well as when a practitioner is having difficulties finding a suitable vein on a patient. AimVein Pro 2.0 can effortlessly locate veins for blood draws, IVs, and other procedures.


● Small size & lightweight
● Four distinct brightness levels.
● Auto Sleep mode to reduce battery usage.
● Seven Imaging colors.
● 2.5-hour battery life on a single charge.

6. UMTEC Vein Finder

This vein finder is most suited for detecting superficial veins in people who are old, overweight, have swelling or even people with darker skin.In order to illuminate the unseen veins close to the skin's surface, the gadget emits near-infrared light, which, once coming into contact with the skin, will be absorbed by the veins and other surrounding tissues. An integrated corded AC power supply powers it. The manufacturer stands by this vein finder for a full three months following your purchase.

Benefits :

● This gadget is ideally suited for detecting superficial veins at the skin's surface.
● It highlights hidden or difficult-to-see veins using near-infrared radiation-free light.
● This vein finder is powered by a corded AC adapter.
● It comes with a 90-day worry-free guarantee.

7. Wee Sight Transilluminator

Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator vein finder is explicitly designed for use on newborn babies to locate their tiny veins and avoid needlesticks. Because of its compact size (3.88 ounces), the device is simple to operate within an incubatory. Additionally, it is simple to attach to a lanyard and wear around the neck in order to make it more portable.

The device has one side that is flat so that it can be set on a firm surface. The healthcare practitioner can then glide the baby's arm or leg over the top LED light source to get a clear view of the baby's veins.

Benefits :

● This vein finder is specially designed for neonates and infants.
● The device's tiny size and flat back makes it ideal for navigating tight areas and requires just one person to use the device by setting it on a level surface and putting the baby's leg or arm over the LED.
● The gadget makes use of two low-heat-emission diodes (LEDs), which reveal hidden veins on the baby's skin without burning or otherwise irritating the baby's skin.
● It is battery-powered for mobility and takes two AA batteries to function.

8. Yixoo vein finder

The Yixoo vein finder is the perfect option for a phlebotomist since this handheld vein Transilluminator has received several positive ratings from nurses and medical professionals. Yixoo, like the Respironics Wee Sight vein finder, provides an option that is advantageous for infants and children. The device has built-in rechargeable batteries. When using this device under low light conditions, you will be able to see greater detail in the veins. In addition, it employs a golden aluminum alloy that protects you from excess radiation. It also features adjustable controls for changing the lighting of the venous imaging.

Furthermore, this device is equipped with a rotary switch located on the right-hand side at the end for a variety of functions.

9. Illumivein Premium Vein Finder

The Illumivein Premium Vein Finder is reasonably priced and portable. This vein finder resembles a compact flashlight with a black aluminum body, a high-performance red LED, and a nylon wrist band.

The Illumivein is powered by one AA battery, and the adjustable lens allows for a broad or targeted radius of light. To operate the device, hold the light on the skin and pull it back and forth. The veins will appear as black lines along the red light's perimeter. If the buyer is disappointed with the purchase, the company will provide a complete refund.


● This vein finder is inexpensive and simple to use.
● It has a tough black metal body, a powerful red LED, and an adjustable lens.
● The gadget is powered by a single AA battery.
● It comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

10. CXUKUN Hand-Held Infrared Vein Finder

The CXUKUN Hand-Held Infrared Vein Finder is constructed out of ABS engineering plastic, making it both lightweight and durable. When employed in dimly lit settings, the light source, which is an LED with a hybrid wavelength, is most effective for revealing superficial veins.

It uses a USB charger that can be inserted into either a computer or a wall outlet to charge its battery. The battery itself is powered by lithium-ion. It is most effective when applied to people who have venous issues, such as those who have darker skin, are fat, have edema, or are elderly.


● The dual wavelength LED is most effective in dimly lit environments for revealing superficial veins.
● This vein finder is powered by a lithium-ion battery that charges through USB and consumes 5V of power, which is equivalent to a phone charger.
● The sturdy yet portable ABS engineering plastic construction ensures that this item will persist through frequent use and is easy to carry.

11. Enmind VV-100 Vein Viewer

The Enmind's VV-100 vein viewer is an infrared-based professional vein finder. Because hemoglobin and the tissue that surrounds it absorbs infrared radiation in very different ways, the path taken by the vessels may be traced and recorded. The veins are then projected onto the patient's skin via the device's integrated projector, which does this in real-time. Because of this, the winding course that the veins take can be plainly seen on every patient's skin, regardless of their skin color or condition.

In some cases, switching the device to inverse mode might be helpful since the veins in the patient's body often take a complex path. In contrast to the usual mode, which displays both the veins and the surrounding tissue in color, this mode only shows the veins. Within the inverse mode, the user has the ability to select from a variety of colors and color combinations as well, thus providing the user with the capability to customize the vein finder for each particular patient. This ensures that visibility is maximized and that punctures are performed efficiently.

12. Max 3.0 Vein Finder

Max 3.0 Vein Finder is another renowned vein finder. This vein finder can show a vascular map directly on the surface of the skin in real-time, giving medical professionals with assistance in determining whether or not a vein is a patent.


● This device shows a vascular map on the skin's surface in real-time.
● It can be used either by hand or with the optional permanent stand.
● For increased visibility on the skin, many colors and brightness levels are offered.
● The light source is a high-powered near-infrared light, with a suggested distance from the skin of 200 to 20mm.

13. Nextvein V800NV

The Nextvein V800NV system is an advanced digital solution engineered for high performance, featuring three adjustable modes designed to cater to patients with diverse skin tones. Its impressive long standby time makes it particularly ideal for specialized applications such as cosmetic injections, where uninterrupted device operation over extended periods is paramount.


● Standby time up to 4.5 hours
● There are three modes to adjust
● Featherweight design—merely 12 ounces
● two Imaging colors.


Each of the Vein Finder brands listed above is the best available. Though all vein finders are helpful and have varying advantages and disadvantages, Lite 2.0 Vein Finder provides the most value.
portable infrared vein finder
Consider characteristics such as extended battery life, easy-to-use interface, precise venous imaging, and options for all skin tones, age factors, and body shapes when purchasing vein finder equipment. In addition, always purchase a Vein Finder from a recognized company with a reliable track record. It is better to choose a device with as many capabilities as possible to avoid buying another. Hellovein vein finder includes a multitude of advantageous features that can make venipuncture effortless.
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