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Lite 2.0 Vein Finder

Professional medical grade vein finder. Includes optional vein finder stand & trolley.


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Improves frst-stick success 92%
Infrared vein finder 100% safe & painless
Free Shipping & 14-Day money back guarantee

Near-infrared vein visualization system

Lite 2.0 infrared vein finder machine can instantly visualizes the superficial vein networks on skin, helping clinicians locate veins quickly. The IV success by 92%, with patients reporting a 39% reduction in pain and 100% overall satisfaction.

Portable vein finders for iv access

Fast Scans Just one Sec
High-speed NIR tech, ensures fast scanning without lag and image distortion. 
Get accurate vein maps even in dynamic environments.

● Venipuncture
● IV injections
● Blood draws
● Home Healthcare
● Medical Training and Education
LED screen - easy to use!

Permanently aligned & No calibration: It's easy to operate even for the first use.
Six colors
Six adjustable colors to suit all skin tones:

 1)  White
 2)  Green
 3)  Green background
 4)  Red
 5)  Purple
 6)  Blue
     Antecubital vein
   √  Hand
   √  Wrist
   √  Leg
   √  Foot and ankle

Enhanced Selection
● Enhanceed Mode - Clearly highlight veins in red and green, making them easy to spot and ensuring that they’re clearly visible.

● Adjustable 3 depth levels: Deep / Medium / Surface.
how to find a vein for iv
image optimization
Four Image Size:

Large, medium, small, and mini size - Accurate projection size can reduce errors and improve accuracy.

● Four levels adjustable brightness
hospital vein finder
92% first-stick success
medical vein finder
Reduction in pain 39%
Brightness adjustable
buy vein finder
Safe near infrared
vien finder
Fast light for finding veins
vain finder
100% overall satisfaction

why hellovein?

vain finder

Best Customer Service

100% money back guarantee & 
Free repairs under warranty.
hospital vein finder

Top Reputation

Brand-new & No refurbished. Enjoy reliable product quality.
medical vein finder

USA Medical Supply

More than 130+ verified clients from US hospitals.  Contact us to discover Hellovein usage in hospitals near you.

See how Lite 2.0 vein finder works


Lite 2.0 vein finder light can be held in one hand. You can also converts to hands-free with the use of an optional desktop stand or a mobile trolley.​


  • Vein Finder
  • Power Adapter
  • User's Manual
  • Quality Inspection Certificate
  • Velvet Bag


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jessica F. (Santa Clara, US)

We love having the Hellovein vein finder in our clinic! It’s very easy to use and we like that you can change the color of the projector. This has been a lifesaver when we have patients with difficult veins. 

Rob G.

Great company to work with

B.M. (Frisco, US)
Lite 2 vein finder

I like the lite 2 vein finder for my clinic, it helps with getting the blood draw with the first stick. The precision and clarity is good.

Venipuncture Tool

I’m a nurse who is juuuust this side of competent at venipuncture. I’ve gotten better with practice but I don’t do it a lot. I’ve found these useful as a crutch because my fingers are blind and if I can’t see it, I probably can’t hit it. Especially when I worked at a small po-dunk hospital that didn’t have phlebotomy.

Jennifer W. (Los Angeles, US)
Highly Recommended Vein Finder for Nurses!

Our department's nurses love this tool! It's incredibly useful for locating veins on our patients' skin, including antecubital veins, legs, and insteps. I highly recommend it!


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How to order Hellovein vein finder device?
You can purchase directly from our website and enjoy a 3% online discount. Coupon code is [Hellovein]. 

You can also contact us via [email protected], use paypal or Stripe payment link to pay.
Does Hellovein vein light work on children?
Yes, the Hellovein vein light is suitable for use on children, aiding in the visualization and identification of veins during medical procedures. But for newborns, we usually recommend a neonatal transilluminator instead of a vein finder.

In addition to children, Hellovein vein light is also suitable for the following groups of people:
* Adults
* Elderly individuals
* Obese patients
* Patients with dark skin
* Patients with difficult-to-find veins
* Healthcare professionals
How does Hellovein compare to Accuvein vein finder?
Accuvein is a leader in delivering solutions that enable healthcare professionals to access the most appropriate sites within the superficial vasculature.

Both Hellovein and Accuvein use advanced near-infrared (NIR) light technology to find veins. They projects a real-time image of the veins onto the patient's skin, providing healthcare professionals with a clear visual map of the vein patterns.

One of our customers in Worcester, MA compared Hellovein and Accuvein, the following is what the customer said - I own a busy medical spa. We have the more common (MUCH more expensive) vein finder, and we were interested in how this would work in comparison. It actually shows more veins, and is so sensitive that we have to use the stand to keep it still. With the stand it is perfect. We were specifically advised that it's not meant for aesthetic use on the face, but of course we use it for that as well, and it works as well or better than our Accuvein, at one third the price. It is a larger and heavier device than accu vein finder, but since we now use the stand, that's not an issue. We were having some minor problems assembling the stand, and customer service got back to us by email immediately to assist, and we figured everything out easily.

According to our customers, Hellovein vein finder is slightly bigger than Accuvein in size, but the effect is the same. They also differ in cost and pricing. If you are looking for a more cost-effective vein finder, you can choose Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder as an alternative to Accuvein vein finder.


Light Type
Infrared Wavelengths
Image Resolution
Image Frame Rate
Best Projection Distance
Visible Vein Size
Depth of Visible Vein
Resolution Deviation
Near-infrared light
750 - 950 nm
60 frames/s
Vein Finder Dimension
Vein Finder Weight
Stand Dimension
Stand Weight
Trolley Dimension
Trolley Weight
100-240V, 50/60Hz
2200mAh, ≥2.5h
1 lb
15" x 9" x 7"
6 lb
19" x 19" x 6"
10 lb
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