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Lite 2.0 Vein Finder

Handheld portable infrared vein finder with LED screen. (Includes optional table stand and mobile trolley.​)


Improves first-stick success 92%
Near-infrared Tech - 100% safe and painless
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Simple & Effective vein finder machine

Our vein finder machine can instantly visualize a vein network on skin, for either clinical training or practice. The IV success by 92%, with patients reporting a 39% reduction in pain and 100% overall satisfaction.

User-Friendly Screen
0.96-inch OLED display clear information. No special training is needed and the device requires no calibration, making it easy to operate even for the first use.

● Image pixels
● Brightness
● Color settings
● Mode
● Battery life

0.96-inch OLED vein finder
Six clolr vein finder
6 colors fit any skin
This also can ease medical staff vision fatigue and improve first-stick success rate.

● White
● Green
● Green background
● Red
● Purple
● Blue
Enhanced and Depth
● Enhanceed Mode - Clearly highlight veins in red and green, making them easy to spot and ensuring that they’re clearly visible regardless of ambient light conditions.

● Depth Mode - Three depth settings: deep, medium and shallow, where the device will highlight veins at different depths within the skin.
enhanced and depth mode
4 adjustable vein image sizes
Advanced image settings
● Four Image Size

Large, medium, small, and mini size - Accurate projection size can reduce errors and improve accuracy.

● Brightness

Four levels adjustable brightness. Always get the clearest images of veins, regardless of external light conditions.
FDA Class I medical device that’s of the highest quality
92% first-attempt success rate
Improves job performance and patient satisfaction
Reduction in pain 39%
Clear imaging improves first-stick success rate
100% safe & Harmless to eyes
Utilizes safe infrared light that does not hurt eyes or skin
Four brightness and six color 
Sleep mode prolongs battery life, stand makes charging easy
Sleep mode for long battery life
Small and lightweight for easy one-hand operation
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Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder machine can be held in one hand. You can also converts to hands-free with the use of an optional table stand or a mobile trolley.​


  • Vein Finder
  • Fixed Slot
  • Velvet Bag
  • Power Adapter
  • User's Manual
  • Quality Inspection Certificate


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nancy (Los Angeles, US)
Good for price

Great NIR vein finder, good for price!

Dr. F. (Kwai Chung, HK)
it works

This Really Works, it shows very clearly vein image on my hand and arm. Really glad I made this purchase and can avoid many repeated injections..

Sarah K. (Los Angeles, US)
A saw this first in a video

As a practice manager I thought this would be a good tool for our staff. Our director agreed and since then weve relied on them daily.

Mark B. (Colorado Springs, US)
Works great!

Im impressed because it works just like it did in the video. Easy operation and quick to use.

Lisa (Miami, US)
Very accurate

I run a small rural clinic and this device helps my nurses work faster and more accurately.


How Long Does Shipping Take?
Within the USA, items are usually delivered within 7–14 days.
Where Is Your Return Address?
Our return address located in Hanover, MD, USA.
Does Hellovein™s vein finder machine work on children?
Yes, It was adequate for young children. We also have three sizes. Medical personnel can use small sizes on children so that they can concentrate on a specific are
Do Hellovein™s work on patients with dark skin?
Sure! Brightness adjustments can assist patients with darker skin in locating more clear veins.
Can it be used on faces?
No. Although our vein finder machine is harmless to the eyes, we do not recommend using it on the face. The device is far better suited for hand vein injection.
Why does the screen show low battery when I turn it on?
This may be caused by a low battery. You can restart the machine to observe the remaining battery percentage, if the battery is too low, please charge it in time.
Why does the images sometimes show an O-ring?
Please don't worry if an O-shaped circle appears in the center of the vein image. You can remove it by adjusting the mode of the vein finder and using the distance


Light Type
Infrared Wavelengths
Image Resolution
Image Frame Rate
Best Projection Distance
Visible Vein Size
Depth of Visible Vein
Resolution Deviation
Near-infrared light
750 - 950 nm
60 frames/s
Sleeping Function
Vein Finder Dimension
Vein Finder Weight
Stand Dimension
Stand Weight
Trolley Dimension
Trolley Weight
2200mAh, ≥2.5h
30 minutes no operation
11" x 8" x 4"
2 lb
15" x 9" x 7"
6 lb
19" x 19" x 6"
10 lb
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