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Lite 2.0 + Trolley

Hospital-grade vein finder machine with this wheeled cart. Free your hands & freedom of movement.


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Hospital vein finder trolley cart.
Adjustable height 27" - 52" inches.
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Effective, portable healthcare begins with this wheeled vein finder machineThe IV success by 92%, with patients reporting a 39% reduction in pain and 100% overall satisfaction.

Best Vein Finder Trolley Tool

Quick Scan Arm Holder
Fast scanning without lag and image distortion, get accurate vein maps even in dynamic environments.

● IV injections
● Blood draws
● Venipuncture
● Patient care
● Medical Training
LED screen
● Easy to use!

Permanently aligned & No calibration - Easy to operate even for the first use.
Six adjust colors
● White / Green / Green background / Red / Purple / Blue.

● Four levels of Brightness  & Image size  adjustable.
vein finder machine hard to find veins
  √ Hand
  √ Wrist
  √ Antecubital vein
  √ Arm
  √ Leg
  √ Foot
  √ Face (Forehead and eye skin)
vein locator Stand
● Flexible 360 rotation degree.

● Adjustable height 27" - 52" inches.

hospital vein finder
92% success rate
medical vein finder
39% Reduction pain 
buy vein finder
100% vein locator
Multiple Modes
vien finder
Lightning scan speed
vain finder
Free shipping 



This hospital vein finder with wheeled stand can be moved between patient rooms and floors. You can also converts to fixed desktop stand.


  • Vein Finder
  • Fixed Slot
  • Trolley Cart
  • Velvet Bag
  • Power Adapter
  • User's Manual
  • Quality Inspection Certificate


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Greisy S. (Hialeah, US)
Amazing tool, the best customer service

I’m a nurse, this vein finder is the best inversion, is really Helpful and save a lot of time. I’m impressed with the customer service, They respond and immediately resolve any situation. 100% recommended!!!!

Jessica F. (Santa Clara, US)

We love having the Hellovein vein finder in our clinic! It’s very easy to use and we like that you can change the color of the projector. This has been a lifesaver when we have patients with difficult veins. 

B.M. (Frisco, US)
Lite 2 vein finder

I like the lite 2 vein finder for my clinic, it helps with getting the blood draw with the first stick. The precision and clarity is good.

Venipuncture Tool

I’m a nurse who is juuuust this side of competent at venipuncture. I’ve gotten better with practice but I don’t do it a lot. I’ve found these useful as a crutch because my fingers are blind and if I can’t see it, I probably can’t hit it. Especially when I worked at a small po-dunk hospital that didn’t have phlebotomy.

Jennifer W. (Los Angeles, US)
Highly Recommended Vein Finder for Nurses!

Our department's nurses love this tool! It's incredibly useful for locating veins on our patients' skin, including antecubital veins, legs, and insteps. I highly recommend it!


How Long Does Shipping Take?
Within the USA, items are usually delivered within 7 days (Via UPS/DHL express).

Our return address located in Edgewater Park, NJ, USA.
Why do hospital vein finders need wheeled stands?
Hospital vein finders often utilize wheeled stands to provide increased flexibility and convenience during medical procedures. The wheeled stands offer mobility, allowing healthcare professionals to easily move the vein finder to different patient rooms or areas within the hospital. This is especially important in busy healthcare settings where efficiency is crucial.

Secondly, the wheels provide stability and support, ensuring that the device remains steady during procedures. This is particularly important when performing venipuncture or IV insertions, as it helps prevent accidental movement or displacement of the device, ensuring accurate vein visualization.

The adjustable stand height allows healthcare professionals to position the vein finder at an optimal level, catering to the specific needs of different patients or healthcare providers. This adaptability promotes ergonomic comfort and reduces strain during the procedure. The flexible arm adjustments enable precise positioning and angling of the vein finder, ensuring optimal visibility of veins for accurate vein identification. This saves time and effort, enabling healthcare providers to attend to patients more efficiently.

We recommend this best vein finder trolley for busy hospitals and clinics to significantly increase efficiency. Using wheeled stands for hospital vein finders saves time and streamlines workflow, improving patient care.
Does the vein locator provide real-time visualization of veins?
Yes, our vein locator typically provides real-time visualization of veins.

Lite 2.0 Near Infrared (NIR) vein locator utilizes the principles of near-infrared light to provide real-time vein imaging. The device emits NIR light, which is capable of penetrating the skin and being absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins. The absorbed light is then reflected back to the device's sensors. The NIR vein locator captures this reflected light and processes it to generate a real-time image or map of the veins beneath the skin.

The captured image is then displayed in real-time on a screen or monitor, allowing healthcare professionals to observe and track the movement of veins as they perform procedures like venipuncture or IV catheter insertion. This real-time visualization aids in accurate vein identification and improves the overall success rate of IV procedures.
Are there other vein tools besides the vein finder?
In addition to the vein finder, there are several other vein tools commonly used in medical settings. Some examples include vein illuminators, infrared vein finders, ultrasound devices, vein mapping tools, and vein access devices such as IV catheters. These vein tools aid in locating veins, improving visibility, and facilitating procedures like venipuncture and IV catheter insertion.


Light Type
Infrared Wavelengths
Image Resolution
Image Frame Rate
Best Projection Distance
Visible Vein Size
Depth of Visible Vein
Resolution Deviation
Near-infrared light
750 - 950 nm
60 frames/s
Vein Finder Dimension
Vein Finder Weight
Stand Dimension
Stand Weight
Trolley Dimension
Trolley Weight
100-240V, 50/60Hz
2200mAh, ≥2.5h
1 lb
15" x 9" x 7"
6 lb
19" x 19" x 6"
10 lb
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