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How Much Does a Vein Finder Cost?

Written by Olivia Smith on June 7, 2022
A vein finder is a helpful tool that helps lessen the discomfort experienced when inserting a cannula. There are instances when locating a vein can be challenging, which is why it is essential to have a vein finder available.

The following list details the 15 best deals currently available on the vein finder market. These vein finders may be purchased for as little as $64.99 to as much as several thousand dollars.

1. Accuvein AV500

Accuvein AV500 vein finder Price : $3,200 to $5,000 (USD)

The Accuvein Av500 is another vein finder that is at the forefront of its industry. It is equipped with a high-quality laser camera projector, which, despite its small size and lightweight, ensures a clear projection. In contrast to most vein finders, the Accuvein AV500 does not need regular maintenance to ensure that its camera remains in proper alignment. In addition, it utilizes a low-power laser, which means it can be used without eye protection.

Touching a button allows users of the Accuvein AV500 to change the display from having dark veins on a bright background to having bright veins on a dark background. This is another fantastic feature of the Accuvein AV500.

2. VeinViewer Flex (Christie Medical)

VeinViewer Flex vein finder Price : $4,500 to $6,000 (USD)

VeinViewer Flex is a handheld portable vein illuminator. It offers benefits to all patients before, during, and after the vascular access operation that they undergo. The VeinViewer Flex is constructed to last and is meant to be as portable as possible. Flex is especially suitable for hospital departments such as the Emergency Department and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which require a very portable and dependable vein finder due to space constraints and evaluation times.

The VeinViewer Vision2 is built to withstand the rigorous conditions of a hospital and is intended for facility-wide use. The VeinViewer Vision2 is simple to manipulate and position thanks to its flexible wrist joint and articulating arm. Position the VeinViewer Vision2 next to the patient's bed, and using just a couple of fingers, move the head of the unit to do a full body assessment of the patient. There is no necessity to readjust the placement of the device.

3. Hellovein Lite 2.0

what to do when you can't find a vein
Helloven Lite 2.0 vein finder Price: 1,980 (USD)

The Lite 2.0 vein finder, a sought-after option, is CE certified and includes a complimentary warranty. It swiftly captures vein images projected directly onto the patient's skin, enhancing venipuncture precision. Utilizing innovative Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion (RMIF) technology with 850nm near-infrared wavelengths, this device ensures High-Definition (HD) Image Quality for precise infrared vein mapping.

HelloVein vein scanner offers versatility, providing accurate vein detector light images in various sizes tailored to different patient needs. Users can select the optimal picture size, whether for babies, children, overweight individuals, or the elderly. For example, when dealing with small children, staff may choose a smaller picture size.

Lite 2.0 features six adjustable colors to accommodate various skin tones and includes a boost mode that highlights veins in red and green for clear visibility. Additionally, it offers three adjustable depth levels: Deep, Medium, and Shallow.

The makers of the Lite 2 Vein Finder claim an impressive 92% improvement in first-stick success and a 39% reduction in patient-reported pain. Notably, the device boasts a current satisfaction rate of 100%.

Should you find that HelloVein does not meet your requirements within the first 2 weeks of ownership, you are eligible for a full refund.

4. Hellovein Max 3.0

Helloven Max 3.0 vein finder Price: 3,998 (USD)

The vein viewer known as the HelloVein Max 3.0 makes use of near-infrared wavelengths in order to provide accurate vein imaging based on its one-of-a-kind Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion (RMIF) sophisticated technology. This FDA Class I medical equipment has been registered with the FDA and is manufactured to the absolute highest standards possible, utilizing the most advanced production techniques available. On ultrasonic vein finders, it is possible to modify the color, brightness, and picture size in order to get consistently high-quality vein images. Through the use of clear visuals, they were able to improve the percentage of successful first-stick attempts.

One second is all it takes to capture the most accurate picture possible of a vein on your skin when you use this gadget. It is simple to locate veins when using this precise vein finder, and the percentage of successful first-stick injections you do will skyrocket. The infrared vein finder known as Hellovein Max 3.0 is, without a doubt, one of the most cutting-edge and effective devices available anywhere in the world.

The purpose of each of Hellovein Max 3.0's modes is to improve the vein light's ability to perform its intended function. The picture may be adjusted by medical staff to be inverted, making it easier to see, or the usual operating model can be switched to an improved mode, making it simpler to locate veins that are hard to find. In addition to these modes, HelloVein also offers an auto sleeping mode that allows users to extend the device's battery life while still having access to it. If you acquire HelloVein and find that it does not meet all of your requirements and does not live up to your expectations during the first 2-weeks of ownership, you are eligible for a full refund.

5. Lism Vein Probe

Iism Vein Probe vein finder Price : $3,300.99 (USD)

This vein finder Shows real-time views of blood vessels. It employs a harmless and hygienic form of infrared technology that is non-invasive. It is also applicable to a wide variety of patients, ranging from very young children to elderly people, as well as patients in emergency situations.

6. AimVein Pro 2.0

AimVein Pro 2.0 vein finder Price : $1,830 (USD)

In addition to the Pro 2.0, Aimvein provides other products. Those products include: Aimvein Enhancer 2.0 vein finder price : $3,299 (USD)

Aimvein has a sleek design that is tiny and lightweight, making it convenient to carry around and simple to operate. It also has the option of coming with a mobile cart stand and a desktop fixed stand, both of which are designed to analyze and locate superficial venous vessels quickly.

7. CMS Vein Finder VF30

CMS Vein Finder VF30 vein finder Price : $4,000 to $6,000 (USD)

The VF30 is CMS's flagship product; it's not only powerful but also of exceptional quality. The VF30 additionally comes with two different stands, one of which is a fixed stand for tables, and the other is a mobile stand. The stand is quite helpful in day-to-day use because it can free both hands when operating something.In addition to that, it features an adjustable brightness option that enables physicians to tailor the image brightness according to the light in the surrounding area.

8. Veinvu 100 and 200 Majutech Inc.

Veinvu 100 and 200 Majutech Inc. vein finder Price : $2,400 to $2,800 (USD)

This technology makes use of near-infrared light to illuminate the veins. According to the developers of the device, Veinvu displays the veins with the same amount of thickness as they have in real life. Veins can also be viewed in real-time because of the devices' capabilities. They serve as a guide for locating veins and separating them in order to provide an intravenous injection.

9. IVYRise Infrared Vein Finder

IVYRise Infrared Vein Finder Amazon Price : $1,290 (USD)

IVYRise claims that it can be of substantial assistance to patients who are experiencing challenges with their vascular positions. Some examples of these challenges are excessive body fat, tissue swelling, hairy skin, dark skin, and others.
The device has capabilities such as the ability to optimize performance, modify the level of brightness, and have a high level of precision. On the Amazon website, a number of customers have left negative evaluations, indicating that the product they purchased did not live up to its claims.

10. Veinlite LEDX

Veinlite LEDX vein finder Price : $679 (USD)

Sclerotherapy professionals will find the Veinlite LEDX to be an efficient answer to their needs. Both EMS PRO and the Veinlite LEDX are products of the same company that designs and manufactures medical equipment. However, the Veinlite LEDX Transilluminator is a superior device when comparing the two in terms of performance.

Again, the cost of this equipment is relatively high, and there is a possibility that it is an expensive portable vein finder. The improved power and high-performance benefits that Veinlite provides should not be ignored. Sclerotherapy with this technique is among the most successful approaches available. Imaging of the veins can be performed well when there is a substantial opening zone.

11. NextVein V800NV

NextVein– Prices Range from $3,500 to $4,028.39(USD)

Nextvein harnesses a state-of-the-art digital vein search system, guaranteeing precise and sharp imaging. Customized for simplicity, the V800NV model facilitates rapid assessment and seamlessly transforms into a hands-free tool for surgical procedures when equipped with a trolley, ensuring effortless transitions. Besides,The device's standby capability of approximately 4.5 hours is well-suited for situations demanding extended operation.

12. Vino Glasses

Vino Glasses – Prices Range from $144.95 to $417.00 (USD)

As an alternative to utilizing a handheld vein finder, medical professionals can use these glasses to discover veins in patients. These glasses make it easier for providers to do their jobs, but the clarity they provide is inferior to that of more powerful handheld devices. These glasses have been purpose-built to improve the sight of veins even when they are located beneath adipose tissue, which is more often referred to as body fat.

13. Venoscope Transilluminator Vein Finder

Venoscope Transilluminator Vein Finder Price : $265 (USD)

This device is intended to make it simpler for medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and clinicians, to detect veins that are difficult to find, which will ultimately result in improved patient care. The device is supposed to improve the success rate of the initial attempt. Patients will be happier, and staff will have an easier time of it, as there are fewer sticks. The light emitted by the device creates a contrast between the veins of the patient and the tissue around them, making it simpler to locate them.

14. Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator

Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator vein finder amazon Price : $113 (USD)

The Wee Sight Transilluminator from Respironics is a vein finder that has been expressly developed for use on newborn newborns in order to locate their small veins and prevent needlesticks. The ease with which the vein finder can be used inside of an incubator can be attributed to the fact that it weighs only 3.88 ounces and has a relatively small footprint. In addition, it is easy to fasten it to a lanyard and wear it around one's neck, which makes it more portable.

The device has a side that is flattened out so that it can be placed on a level surface without moving. After that, the medical professional can examine the baby's veins by moving the neonatal's arm or leg over the top of the vein finder's LED light source in order to obtain a good look at the baby's veins.

It utilizes two LEDs that produce a cool light in order to avoid damaging the sensitive skin of the patient. Because it is powered by a battery pack that consists of two AA batteries, this vein finder is perfect for use in a NICU because it avoids the need for bulky connections and wiring. So, it is an ideal choice for use in a NICU. The Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator vein finder is backed by a limited warranty that is valid for one year.

15. CXUKUN Hand-Held Infrared Vein Finder

CXUKUN Hand-Held Infrared Vein Finder Price : $152 (USD)

This hand-held infrared vein finder is made out of ABS engineering plastic, which lends to the device's characteristics of being both lightweight and long-lasting. The light source, which is an LED with a hybrid wavelength, is most effective for displaying superficial veins when it is used in environments with low levels of illumination.

To keep its battery charged, it makes use of a USB charger that can be connected to either a personal computer or a standard power outlet. Lithium-ion serves as the energy source for the battery itself. When applied to patients who have venous difficulties, such as those who have edema, have darker skin color, are overweight, or are elderly, it is most helpful.

16. Veinpro QV-500

Veinpro QV-500 Vein Finder Price : $ 1,799

The QV-500 Vein Finder is a device for locating veins that is portable. It is able to project an accurate and real-time image of blood vessels onto the surface of the skin. Because of its ergonomic design, holding it is not at all uncomfortable. In addition, the desktop stand and mobile trolley are both accessible as options for a variety of different application scenarios.

It might be difficult for doctors and nurses to locate veins in individuals with certain characteristics, such as obesity, hairiness, or dark skin tone. The device significantly improves the puncture success rate, which in turn reduces both the cost and the amount of pain experienced.

This equipment can also be used to assess patients who have varicose veins, allowing for the avoidance of patients who have veins that are closed or bifurcated.

17. Hand Held Vein Finder

Hand Held Vein Finder Price : Not Available

Keep this gadget in your hand so that the light can shine on the veins that are found on the back of your hand. It utilizes a cold light for medical purposes. It never gets heated to the touch. In addition, it does not make use of laser light or radiation. It is appropriate for both adults and children of all ages, even infants. The tool makes use of a lithium battery that is capable of being recharged.


When you purchasing a vein finder, there are numerous factors to consider, with pricing just one of them. You must also examine the many features, product dependability, ease of use, and other factors. 

You shouldn't anticipate lower-priced vein finders to give the same level of quality and picture clarity as more expensive versions because they won't. There is a big difference in dependability between models sold at lower prices and those offered at higher prices. The lower-priced devices may have "glitches" and other faults that make using them more unpleasant, whereas the higher-priced models are built to last for a significantly extended period. 

With Helloven Max 3.0, you can be confident that you are getting what you paid for - not a product that may suddenly stop working or has poor image quality.

We'd also want to note out that while the prices for the vein finders given above were obtained with great care, they are subject to change, and we will make every effort to keep prices updated so that you can make the most informed purchase decision possible. Thank you for looking at our rankings, and we hope that the information on this page is helpful in your search for a high-quality vein finder that matches your needs.
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