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Hellovein Max 3.0

Find veins easily and send your first-stick success rate soaring with this handheld, lightweight, precision vein finder machine.


FDA approved & CE certification.
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portable infrared VeinSight vein finder

HelloVein vein finder machine’s unique Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion (RMIF) technology allows it to harness 850nm near infrared wavelengths to produce clear infared vein mapping.

Hellovein vein finder VS others
hospital grade vein finder

FDA-approved Max 3.0 vein finder

Select Best Image Size
Projects accurate vein detector light images in a range of sizes to suit your patients. Now you can choose the optimum image size for infants, young children, the obese and elderly. For example, staff would select a small image size (2/3 or 1/3) when working with a small child. Accurate vein visualization benefits stick procedure because it is proven to reduce pain by 39%.
Adjustable Bright
Adjustable Brightness Optimizes Your Vein Map. 

The image brightness can easily be adjusted to obtain an optimal image for a patient’s skin tone and the available room lighting. This feature benefits medical staff by easing vision fatigue and making it much easier to locate an ideal vein to stick.
5 colors 
5 Display colors fit different skin tone!

Five different colors for easy viewing no matter a patient’s skin tone or a room’s lighting conditions. This also can ease medical staff vision fatigue and improve first stick success rate.
Inverse mode
Hellovein’s four different modes are all designed to optimize the performance of this infrared vein light. When needed medical staff can switch from the standard operational mode to an enhanced mode to locate difficult-to-find veins or an inverse mode to change the image to negative for easier viewing. In addition to these three modes, a fourth sleeping mode helps save battery life and ensure HelloVein is ready when needed.
buy vein finder
Clear imaging improves first-stick success rate
hospital vein finder
FDA Class I medical vein detector that’s of the highest quality
vain finder
Small and lightweight for easy one-hand operation
Utilizes safe infrared light that does not hurt eyes or skin
vien finder
Sleep mode prolongs battery life, stand makes charging easy
medical vein finder
Improves job performance and patient satisfaction

See how the vein finder works

This quick vid reviews the HelloVein MAX 3.0 vein finder, how it finds superficial veins, its different functions, and some relevant applications to nursing.


Light Type
Infrared Wavelengths
Image Resolution
Image Frame Rate
Best Projection Distance
Visible Vein Size
Depth of Visible Vein
Near-infrared light
850 nm
Battery volume
LED Lifetime
Battery Working Time
Charging time
Battery detachable
Power Supply
20000 hours
5 ~10 hours
3 hours
DC 5V ≤3.5W
9" x 2" x 2"
1 lb


With the Hellovein Series products, the most powerful vein scanner machine in the market. Pocket-Size With Powerful Capability. See what’s included:

  • Vein Finder
  • Charging Cradle
  • USB cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User's Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Calibration Card
Vein Finder Charging Cradle


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Paul H. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)

Good quality, veins are clear

Elma R.W. (Los Angeles, US)
Good experience

I emailed them before purchasing and Lucy got back to me right away. She is very professional and the goods are delivered quickly. I would highly recommend

David V. (Los Angeles, US)
Works Great

Works great! Bought it for myself and coworkers in a nursing home greatly affected by covid 19. I'm now doing 8-12 blood draws and having to put in IV's on my patients on a daily basis. I've tested it on myself and it works great. I'll update the review once I've tried it on some patients. Highly recommended product.

Paul W.
Crystal clear!

The technology in use is obviously very advanced because the results are clear vein readings, every single time. And, it doesn’t matter if the skin around the vein area is excessive (read as chubby) or if it’s clear. The results are the same quality for everyone, always!

Steven W. (Burlingame, US)
It gives absolutely clear views

It has the clearest vein finder that I have ever come across. I have seen it used on other obese people, and it works as much as it does for those who arent. Theres no form of obstruction that can disturb the work that it has to do.


What is a infrared vein finder and how does it work?
HelloVein™ Max 3.0 Vein Finder is an FDA-cleared handheld medical device. It uses our exclusive vein visualization technology to accurately project the patient's vein map to the skin surface.

Our Max 3.0 vein detector device help healthcare workers find veins easily, improve the success rate of injections, and reduce patient discomfort and pain. Every vein detector uses regulated, near-infrared light, which is very safe and will not cause any harm.
Can HelloVein™ vein finder be used on faces?
No. Although our device is harmless to the eyes, we do not recommend using it on the face as facial capillaries are often too small for accurate results. The device is far better suited for hand vein injection.
Can HelloVein™ vein scanner be used on obese patients?
Yes. The powerful clarity of HelloVein™ is ideal for obese people.

Any condition leading to excess weight makes veins especially difficult to find. For overweight patients, a simple injection procedure can be traumatic. Our enhanced lighting modes enable medical staff to reveal difficult-to-find veins. It’s a great step forward for patient care.
Is the Hellovein™ Vein Finder suitable for children?
Yes. Our crystal clear images render in three sizes, and we’ve designed the smallest image size to cater for small arms specifically.

The vein finder’s near infra-red light is perfectly safe, and children respond well to the colors.
How Long Does Shipping Take?
Within the Canada, items are usually delivered within 7–10 days.

Our return address located in delta, BC, V4L1Z5.

What we offer


FDA ClassⅠ

This infrared vein finder is an FDA Class Ⅰ medical device that is FDA-registered and built to the absolute highest standards using best manufacturing practices.

7 Years Trust

HelloVein vein finder machine has been in business for over 7 years and has sold its portable vein finders around the world – including in the US, UK, UAE, and more.

FREE Shipping

We deliver our medical vein detectors anywhere in the world for free! Now you can get high quality IV vein finders without paying high shipping fees.

HD Clear

Our portable vein finder allow you to adjust color, brightness and image size to ensure you get a high quality vein image each and every time.

3 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the craftmanship and high quality materials that go into making our vein detectors that we offer a full 3-year warranty on each device.

100% satisfaction

If you have any questions during purchase or use, you can always contact us for support through our email: [email protected]
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