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Are vein finder glasses real?

Written by Lucy Brown on July 23, 2022
If you are working in the medical sector, it's crucial to find veins quickly and correctly. From giving medicine through an IV to drawing blood for lab diagnostic tests, veins are essential to almost every medical job.

Vein finder glasses are a tool that helps people find veins quickly. It can help medical staff to quickly and painlessly find veins accurately, which can help reduce pain for patients and improve the success rate of injections. Vein finder glasses are more accessible to carry around than other vein finders, this can be helpful in emergencies when there isn't much time to look for equipment.

What is Vein Finder Glasses

vein finder glasses
Vein finder glasses help nurses, EMTs, doctors, and phlebotomists find veins quickly and accurately without hurting the patient. It looks like a nice pair of sunglasses, but its main function is to enhance veins and correct color blindness (improving the ability to see greens and reds). With Vein finder glasses, nurses and phlebotomists can clearly see superficial veins, check blood oxygen levels, and even check for rashes. They make IVs, blood work, and infusions easy, giving the health care worker and the patient more confidence. And it can facilitate the insertion of intravenous lines, the removal of blood samples, the identification of veins for use in aesthetic operations, and the speedy administration of blood transfusions.

Vino vein finder glasses are vein finder glasses for nurses, paramedics, phlebotomists and other medical personnel. It helps medical staff see veins more clearly by magnifying them. Studies have shown that up to 40% of IV injections begin with multiple attempts to locate and access the vein, which not only wastes valuable nursing time, but also delays treatment and causes patient discomfort and dissatisfaction. 

Some customers say this glasses are an good way to improve your IV access skills. VINO's Vein Finder glasses enhance the perception of veins and oxygenation, and they were designed by scientists at Caltech and Princeton University to improve the visibility of veins even under adipose tissue. Using vein finder glasses, you can quickly locate each veins.

How Does a Vein Finder Glasses Work?

vein finder glasses
Vein finder glasses find veins by amplifying the color of the oxygenation signals emitted by the veins. And highlight it with tinted lenses.

In fact, our human red-green vision has evolved to see the oxygen fluctuations that occur in our blood. So we have a good view of the changes in the oxygenation of the blood under the skin, allowing us to see mood (blush, blushing, etc.) and health. This is due to the red-green changes in our vision that absorb the oxygenation signals from the blood. All skin is partially transparent regardless of skin tone. When you look at the skin, you see not only the light reflected from the surface of the skin itself, but also the light reflected from the blood under the skin.

VINO's glasses use Oxy-Iso technology to enhance these changes in blood oxygenation under the skin, and use special tinted lenses to filter the light, making the vein appear fluorescent, making it easier for healthcare workers to find it.

Why Vein Finder Glasses

vein finder glasses
Vein finder glasses have tinted lenses that make veins on the body stand out against the skin. They make veins that were once hard to find glow so that medical staff can find them easily. People who work in health care may find this type of vein finder more valuable than others because it can be worn all the time and can also be used as safety glasses. You don't have to carry any other tools with vein finder glasses.

Vein finder glasses can also be used in clinical training to show students where veins are on the body before they start practicing. The best vein finder glasses are easy to wear for long periods and can withstand the wear and tear of working in a hospital.

All that is needed is a room with bright lights. People who are colorblind in the red-green range have also found that vein finder glasses help them see all the colors. It has been found that the way humans see colors has changed so that they can see the changes in the amount of oxygen in their blood. This is because the oxygenation signals the blood gives off are picked up by the red-green color changes in our eyes. Vein finder glasses use these color differences to amplify the color veins give off when they get oxygen. The tinted lenses block certain narrow bands of light that cause visual noise when trying to see changes in the amount of oxygen in the blood.

When looking for the best vein finder glasses for you, it's important to look for ones that are comfortable all day and offer extra protection from UV rays, fog, and scratches.

Other Types of Vein Finders

vein finder
Even though there are many different kinds of vein finders, most of them fit into one of three groups. There are three types of vein finders: those that project infrared light, those that show infrared light on a screen, and those that send out LED light.

The most common vein finder used today is one that shines infrared light on the skin. It uses infrared light to map the veins, which it then shows on the skin. With this method, a health care worker can make a map of the veins in a particular area. 

Many of these vein finders come with a stand or other support to keep the device in place so that you don't need someone else to hold it.
Best Vein Finder For Nurses
An infrared light screen display vein finder is similar to an infrared light projection vein finder in that it shines infrared light onto the skin to show where the blood and veins are. Where the map of veins is pictured is what makes the difference. 

This vein finder comes with a screen that can offer a vascular map. This is helpful for clinical training or other situations where several people need to see the veins at the same time.
vein finder light
The LED vein finder sends light to find veins. These vein finders are small and can be used by one person in a clinical setting. 

The bright light from the LEDs is used to light up the skin so that the vein can be seen better when the roller is rolled over it. After finding the vein, this type of vein finder is also used to stretch the skin, close the vein, and lift it, so the vein doesn't roll.
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