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hospital grade vein finder light

Get clearest vein image in 1 second on your skin. Our precision vein finder machine locates veins easily and instantly projects clear images direct to skin. Boosts your first-stick success rate & Enhances patient reliable.
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Hellovein Max 3.0 vein finder machine are full FDA class Ⅰ medical devices.


CE certification

Hellovein vein finder has been certified and has good quality.

Medical Infrared Vein Finder Light

Multiple Size

Medical staff can view images full size, two-thirds size or one-third size. This feature is especially beneficial for pediatric patients or when one particular vessel or set of vessels needs to be viewed.

Inverse Mode

Thin or deep veins can be hard to detect but our negative image mode reveals them all, including spider veins. Inverse image makes viewing easy.

Enhanced mode

Enhanced scan technology finds invisible, deep, and difficult-to-find veins with ease. Provides a reassuring solution for children, obese patients, and the elderly.

Six Colors

White, Green, Green background, Red, Purple, Blue

Brightness Mode

Be sure of clear and reliable vein maps, whatever the room lighting conditions or patient skin tone. Now medical staff can adjust for skin tone and room lighting conditions by selecting either low or high brightness.

Sleeping Mode

When vein finder machine is not in use, you can switch easily to Sleep Mode and save battery life. Conserves energy, reduces your costs, and helps the planet.

what is vein finder?

HelloVein vein finder machine stands head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its features and reliable performance.

why choose us


FDA ClassⅠ

This vein finder machine is an FDA Class Ⅰ medical device that is FDA-registered and built to the highest standards using the best manufacturing practices.

7 Years Trust

HelloVein has provided healthcare organizations worldwide with its portable vein finders for over 7 years – including in the US, UK, UAE, and more.

FREE Shipping

We deliver our medical vein finder machine anywhere in the world for free! Now you can get high quality IV vein finders without paying high shipping fees.

HD Image

Our vein viewing system allow you to adjust color, brightness and image size to ensure you get a high quality vein image each and every time.

3 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the craftmanship and high quality materials that go into making our vein detectors that we offer a full 3-year warranty on each vein illuminator device.


If you have any questions during purchase or use, you can always contact us for support through our email: info@hellovein.com

Our Customer Say

vein finder device
Robert Luis D´Elmar
Verified Cutomer
In over ten years of nursing, this patient has been the most difficult. This vein finder machine restored my professional status! Bam, Bam, Bam!! The first stick It's fantastic. The size of the vein can be determined using bright light illumination. Spider veins can be seen, so you know where to avoid them.
Hellovein vein finder review
Kelly VanBussum
Verified Cutomer
I'm a nurse who has used a similar product provided by the hospital. I moved from Allentown to Philadelphia and missed having a "vein finder," so I bought the vein light to share at work. It is extremely economical. It reveals deep and thin veins that are too small for blood drawing or IV insertion. I was blown away. Even the veins I couldn't feel are visible.
vein finder light
Stuart Willner
Verified Cutomer
I actually did not expect much when I saw it. because I always had issues with vein finder device because of my dark skin tone. I have purchased some different medical vein finders in the past, it looked like those devices only work on pale skined people. So I was surprised when this device worked on me!
vein finder app
Gary Harbaugh
Verified Cutomer
It does a fantastic job of identifying the veins. I have 30 years of dialysis experience as an RN. This is something I bought for my unit to teach "newbies" how to assess and cannulate dialysis access. For those who are new to venipuncture, it's an excellent teaching tool.
vein finder machine
Peter Thomsen
Verified Cutomer
This vein finder light is great! Definitely as advertised. Among the five vein finders I have purchased, hellovein has the clearest image!
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