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hospital grade vein finder light

Get clearest vein image in 1 second on your skin! 
This portable vein finder machine easily locates veins under the skin, aids in quick blood draws and IV access.
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CE certification

free warranty

Portable vein light for finding veins

Lite 2.0 vein finder light - suitable for blood draws, IV injections, venipuncture, sclerotherapy and cosmetic injections.


Lite 2.0 Vein Finder machine has user-friendly screen

Inverse Mode

Find veins faster and easier.

Enhanced mode

Enhanced scan technology finds deep, and difficult-to-find veins.

Six Colors

White, Green, Green background, Red,

Purple, Blue


Four levels adjustable brightness


Large, medium, small, and mini size 

Vein Visualization System for IV Access

Lite 2.0 vein visualization system uses NIR-tech to find veins, it can accurately and quickly find out the patient's veins within one second.

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FDA ClassⅠ

Hellovein vein finder machine is a FDA Class I approved device and manufactured to the highest standards in the United States.

CE certification

Our vein finder devices have received FDA, ISO and CE certification and is deeply loved by customers in the US and EU.

FREE Shipping

We offer free shipping across the US. Free international shipping on orders over $400, along with country-specific power plugs.

HD Image

Our HD vein viewing system ensure you get a high quality vein image each and every time.

Free Warranty

We offer a free 1-year warranty on each vein illuminator device.


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About Vein Finder

What is a Vein Finder?
A vein finder is a medical device used to locate veins beneath the skin's surface. 

Vein finders are also known as vein visualization device or vein locators. It's a handheld or portable device that assists healthcare professionals in identifying veins for various medical procedures, such as blood draws, IV insertions, and venipuncture.

Hellovein portable vein finder uses safe near-infrared (NIR) technologies to enhance the visibility of veins, making them easier to locate. By illuminating the skin and capturing the reflected light or creating real-time images, the device helps healthcare professionals visualize the veins' location, size, and path.

The primary purpose of Hellovein's vein finder is to improve the success and efficiency of vein-related procedures by reducing the number of needle sticks and improving the accuracy of vein puncture. It is especially useful when dealing with patients who have difficult-to-find veins, such as those with dark skin, obesity, or patients whose veins are not easily visible due to medical conditions.
Can a vein finder be used to draw blood?
Yes, vein finder can be used to aid in drawing blood.

Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder assists in drawing blood by enhancing the visibility of veins beneath the skin. It uses advanced near-infrared light technologies, to locate veins and provide real-time images or visual cues to healthcare professionals. By accurately identifying veins, the vein finder helps guide the insertion of the needle, increasing the chances of successful blood collection with minimal discomfort for the patient. It streamlines the process by reducing the need for multiple needle sticks and improves the overall efficiency and accuracy of blood draws.
How does a vein finder aid in the process of phlebotomy?
A vein finder plays a crucial role in phlebotomy procedures by enhancing vein visualization. It utilizes advanced technologies to locate veins beneath the skin's surface, making it easier for healthcare professionals to identify suitable veins for blood collection. 

By improving accuracy in vein selection, the vein finder assists in minimizing patient discomfort and increasing the success rate of venipuncture during phlebotomy, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and quality of the procedure.
Can vein finder locate the antecubital vein?
Yes, a vein finder can assist in locating the antecubital vein. The antecubital vein is a commonly targeted vein for venipuncture and blood draws, and vein finder uses near-infrared technology to easily locate and visualize antecubital veins.

In addition to the antecubital vein, Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder can be used to locate veins in various other areas of the body.  (Include: Hand, Wrist, Arm, Leg, Foot and ankle)
How can a vein finder help prevent a blown vein during IV insertion?
Hellovein vein finder can be a medical tool in minimizing the risk of a blown vein from iv

By enhancing vein visualization, the vein finder assists healthcare professionals in accurately identifying viable veins for catheter placement. This improves the chances of successful cannulation on the first attempt, reducing the need for multiple needle sticks and decreasing the likelihood of causing trauma to the vein. 

By guiding the insertion process, the vein finder helps minimize the risk of iv blew a vein, improving patient comfort and overall procedural outcomes.

Our Customer Say

Margery Avila
Verified Cutomer
The first stick It's fantastic! It shows the veins on the back of my hand perfectly clearly, which makes the IV injection much easier.
Kelly VanBussum
Verified Cutomer
I'm a nurse who has used a similar product provided by the hospital. It is extremely economical. Only costs more than one thousand dollars, which is much more cost-effective than the Accvein vein finder we used before.
Stuart Willner
Verified Cutomer
It does a fantastic job of identifying the veins. As a RN, it's a excellent teaching tool for those new to venipuncture. But you need to be aware that it cannot be used for dialysis and to identify fistulas, only to find veins.
Gary Harbaugh
Verified Cutomer
I was about to have surgery and they couldn't find a vein because I was a bit dehydrated. They used this and it worked wonderfully. But, they had tried four times the traditional way before they used it.
Peter Thomsen
Verified Cutomer
I actually did not expect much when I saw it. because I always had issues with vein finder device because of my dark skin tone. So I was surprised when this device worked on me!
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