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hospital grade vein finder light

Get clearest vein image in 1 second on your skin! 
This augmented reality vein finder device easily locates veins under the skin, aiding in quick blood draws and IV access.
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CE certification

free warranty

Portable translite iv vein finder

Device for Finding Veinssuitable for blood draws, IV injections, venipuncture, sclerotherapy and cosmetic injections.


LED screen transillumination device.

Inverse Mode

Like AccuVein, uses near-infrared (NIR) light for finding veins efficiently. 


Lite 2.0 Vein viewer allows visualize veins up to 8mm below the surface of the skin.

Six Colors

This vein light suitable for all skin tones.


Infrared vein finder has four brightness settings.


Lite 2.0 vein finders - Four Image Size, accurate projection size can reduce errors and improve accuracy.

Vein scanner IV light for finding veins

HelloVein delivers reliable vein visualization system, helping medical professionals boost patient satisfaction.

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FDA ClassⅠ

Hellovein vein finder light has FDA approved and manufactured to the highest standards in the United States.

CE certification

This translite vein finder has received CE certification & ISO, It's deeply loved by customers in the US and EU.

FREE Shipping

Hellovein offer free shipping service, along with country-specific power plugs.

HD Image

Vein finder light high-definition vein viewing system, ensure you get high-quality vein images.

Free Warranty

We offer a free 1-year warranty on each vein finder device.


If you need any help, you can always contact us by email: [email protected]

About Vein Finder

What is a vein finder
A Vein Finder is a handheld medical device primarily used to locate veins. It highlights veins and projects their image onto the skin surface, assisting medical staff in accurately finding veins for venipuncture, blood draws, and phlebotomy.

Vein finder light typically come in three types: near-infrared (NIR), LED, and laser vein finder. For instance, Accuvein vein finder use near-infrared technology to visualize veins, while Veinlite utilizes LED light for vein illumination.

Generally, near-infrared vein finder machine are more accurate than LED ones because near-infrared light is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood vessels and reflected by other tissues. The vein visualisation device system processes the reflected image, adds color, and projects it in real-time onto the skin. Near-infrared vein finders do not use lasers or light sources that cause body heating or skin damage, eliminating concerns about heat, laser eye safety, and radiation, making them safer to use.

Common vein finder devices include:

1. Accuvein: AV 500, which uses near-infrared light
2. Hellovein: Lite 2.0 Vein Finder, which uses near-infrared light
3. Veinlite: Veinlite EMS PRO, which uses an LED light source
4. VeinViewer: VeinViewer Flex, which uses near-infrared light

These vein viewer are also known as:

- IV light
- Vein light
- Vein scanner
- Vein locator
- Vein detector
- Vein illuminator
- Transillumination device

These terms are used interchangeably, all serving the same purpose of aiding in the location of veins for infusion and blood drawing.
How does a vein finder work?
A vein finder emits near-infrared light onto your skin. Since blood contains hemoglobin, which absorbs light more than the surrounding tissue, it creates a dark line on the skin's surface where the veins are. The device has built-in sensors that detect this contrast and convert it into a real-time projection on your skin.

Shorter wavelengths of near-infrared light (740-765 nm) are highly absorbed by hemoglobin, while longer wavelengths (770-780 nm) penetrate deeper. The image quality in the 750-800 nm range is better for lighter skin, while darker skin benefits more from the 800-850 nm range.

So, when choosing a vein finder light, it's best to pick one with adjustable wavelengths. The Lite 2.0 vein finder has an adjustable range from 750 to 950 nm, providing depth adjustment and enhanced modes, making it suitable for all skin tones and people.

Do Vein Finders Really Work?

This vein illuminator projects the patient's venous system onto the skin, helping with injections, blood draws, and cosmetic injections. The Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein finder, used as an assessment tool, can help you find the best vein by verifying its patency and allowing you to avoid valves and bifurcations. Vein light finder have been shown to improve venipuncture success rates, enhancing patient experience and satisfaction.

Near-infrared vein finders are typically accurate within 0.10 mm, about the width of a human hair. They can help medical staff find veins on the skin's surface but can't identify arteries. Besides venipuncture, near-infrared (NIR) transillumination imaging is also used to enhance vein treatment, helping to identify veins that are invisible to the naked eye but too shallow for ultrasound detection. In practice, body hair and tattoos can affect the reflection of the light source, which can interfere with imaging. Therefore, we recommend removing body hair at the injection site to ensure the device works effectively.
How to use vein finder?
1. Power On: Take the vein finder out of the box. Press and hold the [Power] button for three seconds to turn it on. The screen will light up once the device is on.

2. Position the Device: Hold the device 6 to 10 inches above the skin where you want to locate the vein. Adjust the height and angle to enhance the vein display.

3. Adjust Settings: Use the [Mode] button on the left to switch between Enhanced Mode and three different depth modes, choosing the best one for your needs.

4. Prepare the Vein: Apply a tourniquet to allow blood to fill the vein, ensuring better visibility. Verify the vein's patency by palpating and swabbing the area.

Using the vein finder, you can accurately locate veins, improving the efficiency and success rate of your procedures.
Can vein finder locate the antecubital vein?
Yes, a vein scanner can assist in locating the antecubital vein. The antecubital vein is a commonly targeted vein for venipuncture and blood draws, and vein finder uses near-infrared technology to easily locate and visualize antecubital veins.

In addition to the antecubital vein, Hellovein Lite 2.0 vein viewer can be used to locate veins in various other areas of the body.  (Include: Hand, Wrist, Arm, Leg, Foot and ankle)
What are the disadvantages of a vein finder?
While vein lights are very useful, they are not perfect. They can be affected by things like body hair and tattoos.

Body hair can interfere with the visualization of veins. The ink pigments used in tattoos can block infrared absorption, meaning the vein finder might not accurately map the veins in that area.

Some scars can make it harder for vein finders to map the veins accurately under the skin. While shallow or minor scars aren't usually a problem, very thick scar tissue (like from burns) can make veins harder to detect. Sometimes, scars with deep pigmentation can also make it difficult for vein light finder to work properly.

Our Customer Say

Margery Avila
Verified Cutomer
The first stick It's fantastic! It shows the veins on the back of my hand perfectly clearly, which makes the IV injection much easier.
Kelly VanBussum
Verified Cutomer
I'm a nurse who has used a similar product provided by the hospital. It is extremely economical. Only costs more than one thousand dollars, which is much more cost-effective than the Accvein vein finder we used before.
Stuart Willner
Verified Cutomer
It does a fantastic job of identifying the veins. As a RN, it's a excellent teaching tool for those new to venipuncture. But you need to be aware that it cannot be used for dialysis and to identify fistulas, only to find veins.
Gary Harbaugh
Verified Cutomer
I was about to have surgery and they couldn't find a vein because I was a bit dehydrated. They used this and it worked wonderfully. But, they had tried four times the traditional way before they used it.
Peter Thomsen
Verified Cutomer
I actually did not expect much when I saw it. because I always had issues with vain finder because of my dark skin tone. So I was surprised when this device worked on me!
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